A few quick reminders from our rules....

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Please would you be kind enough to let us know:

a) If your son/daughter will not be attending a gym session. If we have not been informed for 2 weeks they are deemed to have left and their place may be offered to someone the Waiting List. (Please inform either by text, phone or via this website)

b) If someone other than yourself is collecting your child from gym.

Gymnasts of secondary school age may enter the gym when the session starts and leave the gym unaccompanied if their parent is not collecting them provided they have produced a signed and dated letter from their parents. We would prefer these gymnasts to be collected during the Winter Months.

We are not responsible for the gymnasts until the start of the session, please can parents remain with the gymnast until the session begins.

All fees should be paid on time unless arrangements have been made with the coach.

If fees are not paid on tome your son/daughter's place may be offered to someone on the Waiting List.


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